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Grant Services

The subject of grants is largely misunderstood. Contrary to what the media and non-informed people will have you believe, becoming grant ready is not an overnight process.

Project Management

How can project management help you? Every project includes deadlines, project plans, multiple collaborators, and tasks that need to be completed in a timely manner

Boyd Grants Academy

Who needs training?

Almost everyone’s job in the non-profit sector require some understanding of fund development.


Writing a grant is like writing in a whole other language. We have our own acronyms, buzzwords, approaches, and processes that would normally take an outsider years to learn and perfect

Julie Martineau, President MCCF

“I have found Allison to be multi-talented in her knowledge, skills and abilities, a strong team player and a sharp strategic thinker. Mrs. Boyd is one of the people I turn to for those big picture and detailed tactical discussions to help me flesh out my own strategic vision at the Montgomery County Community Foundation.”

Kim Joyce - President, Kim Joyce and Associates

“Allison is detailed oriented, works well within a team environment, is extremely patient, and always provides client-centered services. She has an impressive win list and her successful track record of securing grant funds speaks for itself.”

Dr. Beverly A Browning - CSPF Director, Grant Writing Training Foundation

“Allison is highly capable of carrying out short- and long-term consulting projects. I have high regard for her nonprofit, higher education, and municipal government financial capacity building acumen.”

Jodie Schier

“In the four years I worked with Allison at Montgomery County United Way I was able to see firsthand her experience and attention to detail regarding Grant Writing for the organization. She is extremely thorough, knowledgeable and possesses a high level of integrity. In addition, she initiated and developed strong relationships with key stakeholders in our community. Allison is highly regarded by not only those in her profession but by myself and others who have had the privilege of working with her.”

Rebecca Olsen

“I had the pleasure to work in close partnership with Allison Boyd at Montgomery County United Way. I often relied on her extensive knowledge of the nonprofit sector and grant writing for my own projects. Allison worked diligently to improve and update the application process including multiple types of applications, user guide, training and process manual. Her professionalism with volunteers and coworkers was unparalleled. Allison has a love and passion for this industry and for her job as a grant writer.”

Kristin A. Malloy - Executive Director, Lone Star College System

“For some reason, I am only allowed to pick three attributes for this recommendation in the section above. Allison is a wonderful professional to work for several reasons. Allison is amazing at working independently and yet she is also highly effective at pulling several people together, brainstorming, and creating an output for everyone to see immediately. She is a person with high standards for herself and her work. Allison is also a genuine and caring person, who listens to what others want to accomplish and pitches in to achieve that result. I enjoyed working with Allison and I am happy to see her success continue in her role as an independent writer.”


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