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Grants Development Client

Grant Development Services by Boyd Grants encompass supporting the client in composing grants according to the agreed-upon scope of work. Collaborating closely with the client, the consultant will craft grant request narratives, LOIs, justifications, abstracts, and other necessary forms for each request. To ensure quality, Boyd Grants’ Quality Assurance Specialist will review documents before delivering final drafts to the client for their review and submission. Submission instructions will be provided by Boyd Grants through phone communication or email, as needed. While the client is responsible for submitting all hard-copy and online grant requests, Boyd Grants remains dedicated to facilitating a seamless and effective grant writing process.

Grants Management Client

Grant Compliance/Management with Boyd Grants goes beyond passive monitoring of expenditures. It involves a comprehensive approach that covers every aspect of the grant lifecycle. This begins prior to fund receipt and extends well beyond the award distribution, spanning the implementation of the project. The process is dynamic, evolving at each stage of the lifecycle, and each phase comes with its unique set of tasks and requirements. Grant management, in essence, is an ongoing and intricate process that Boyd Grants is dedicated to navigating effectively, ensuring compliance and successful oversight from the pre-receipt phase through to project implementation and beyond.

Research Client

Prospect Research Services by Boyd Grants involves a streamlined onboarding process. Upon initiating the client relationship, Boyd Grants will furnish an onboarding document containing all requisite information and documents essential for commencing the funding search, encompassing details about programs and projects. To refine the search, Boyd Grants requests keywords/phrases from the client, aiding in the precise identification of potential funders.

The service includes a thorough review of incoming client information and grants-related details. A funding search is conducted, diligently scouring opportunities from local, state, federal, and other grantmaking agencies relevant to the client’s programs and projects. This comprehensive approach ensures that Boyd Grants is consistently identifying potential funders to support the client’s initiatives.

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