There are days that will feel like running through sand.  Grant writing is a deeply involved process with very strict deadlines, which is a horrid combination for days when you just can’t seem to motivate.

Can’t seem to get writing?  Yes, you can.  Here’s how:

  • Reconnaissance Reading – go over your notes and some sources to kickstart your mind into pulling ideas together. This will also get you familiar with the verbiage you need to write your grant. 
  • Don’t start from scratch. The good news is when it comes to grant writing, you rarely have to start from scratch because the project has already been thought out.  You’ve got the information about the project and the organization.  In many cases, you’ve got boilerplate content to work with from past projects for the organization, or even this grant from past years.  Use this to get going. 
  • Skip the section…for now. If you’re having trouble starting, don’t start where it’s hard.  The good thing about grant writing is each grant has a wide variety of sections to chose from when you get hung up.  When you get rolling, then you can go back to the part you were stuck on at the beginning.  Likely, you’ll find that once you are in the flow, it will come out. 

The trick is to just start writing.  Contrary to popular belief, you can’t actually motivate yourself to do anything.  The chemical process of motivation follows the action of doing it.  That means you can’t will yourself to feel motivated.  You’ve got to get started and then motivation will follow.  Whatever you have to do to just start writing, make it happen. 

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