Hey there, grant seekers and decision-makers! Let’s dive into the exciting topic of deciding whether to apply for a grant with a handy checklist that will guide you through the process. Grant writing can be a big investment of time and effort, so it’s crucial to assess each opportunity strategically.

Here’s your checklist for determining if a grant is worth pursuing:

  1. Does my organization qualify? Ensure that your organization meets the eligibility criteria set by the grant maker. This is the first step in deciding whether to move forward.
  2. Do our goals align with the grant maker’s values? Check if the mission and objectives of the grant align with your organization’s goals and values. A strong alignment increases your chances of success.
  3. Is there a matching requirement? Evaluate if you have the capacity to meet any matching fund requirements. This factor can be a deal-breaker depending on your financial situation.
  4. Do we have a suitable project in mind? Consider whether you have a project idea that fits well with the scope and focus of the grant. A clear project plan is essential for a successful application.
  5. Has the grant maker funded similar organizations or projects? Research the grant maker’s history of funding. Look for patterns of support for organizations or projects similar to yours.
  6. Does our organization have the capacity to manage the grant? Assess your organization’s capacity to handle the grant award, including project implementation, reporting, and compliance with grant requirements.
  7. Do we have the bandwidth to complete the application? Evaluate your team’s capacity and resources to dedicate time and effort to preparing a strong grant application.

Once you’ve gone through this checklist, you’ll have a clearer picture of whether to pursue the grant opportunity. If any aspect of the checklist raises concerns or if you need support to strengthen your application, we’re here to help!

At Boyd Grants, we specialize in expanding grant writing teams’ capacity, providing coaching, consulting services, and even taking on grant writing projects. Let’s work together to maximize your chances of securing the funding you need to make a positive impact!