Communication Solutions for Your Grant Writing Team

The grant writing process has a lot of moving parts, and the operation will fall flat as soon as there is a communication breakdown.  Everyone on your team needs to be on the same page, and that is not an easy feat. 

Clearly delegate responsibilities

From the get-go be clear about who is responsible for what so that everyone is aware of their roles and each other’s roles.  That way, everyone on your team knows who can answer which question they have.  Be sure to communicate expectations and cultivate a working culture where teammates ask for help – and get effective help – when they need it.

Identify communication channels

With so many different options for communication channels, it is more essential now than ever to identify the platform through which your team communicates and stick with it.  Whether it is through phone, text, email, or app, everyone needs to be on the same page. 

Manage expectations

On a similar note, working remotely and making your own hours is one of the best parts of working as a consultant.  More working situations have moved remote as well.  The big challenge is setting boundaries around your hours so your teammates know when you are and are not available.  Setting a clear channel of communication helps everyone maintain a healthy work-life balance because it puts expectations around availability. 

Have weekly check-in meetings

Weekly face-to-face check-in meetings with the team goes a long way to facilitating open and beneficial communication amongst the team.  This can happen over Zoom or Skype, or in person if that is conducive to your working situation.  This offers an added level of accountability to communication.

It’s hard enough managing communication with grant seeking clients.  Keeping your team on the same page and in open, beneficial communication is the key to successful grant writing.


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