Hey everyone! Let’s get back to the basics and dive into how to transform your idea into a fantastic project that’s perfect for a grant proposal. We’re talking elementary school essay basics—but with a twist that’ll make your project shine!

  1. Who: Start by defining who your project will serve. What’s their demographic? How do they live, work, and interact within their families and communities? Identify their challenges and envision how your project can enhance their lives.
  2. What: Outline what your project or program will do. What unique contribution or service will it provide that’s not currently available?
  3. When: Determine the project’s timeline. When will it begin, and how long will it run?
  4. Where: Pinpoint the project’s location. Do you have a specific site or facility in mind? Will it be local or have a broader scope? Consider how the community and environment will be impacted by—and impact—your project.
  5. Why: Define the purpose and significance of your project. What specific need will it address? What broader impact will it have, and why does this matter?
  6. How: Detail the strategies, methods, and processes you’ll employ to bring your project to life. Identify potential partnerships and resources that will help you achieve your goals.

Once you’ve answered these seven basic questions, you’ve laid a strong foundation for your grant proposal. Each answer becomes a pillar supporting your needs assessment, outcomes section, implementation plan, and evaluation strategy.

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