Should I get a Grant Writing Coach?

Are you just starting out grant writing?  Are you an experienced grant writer who has hit a lull or wants greater accountability?  Have you written grants in the past and are getting back into it?  Are you comfortable writing foundation grants but intimidated by writing federal grants, or vice versa?  All of these are great reasons to partner with a grant writing coach.

Grant writing is nuanced work.  Each area of grant writing comes with its own language and getting to know how to crafts different grants takes time, effort, and a lot of rejected applications.  Coaching helps grant writers surmount the learning curve through mentorship.  A grant coach will also provide tools and templates and serve as a sounding board and reviewer so you can work out all the kinks before submission. 

Pairing with a grant writing coach improves your efficacy and increases the rate of grants awarded.  You don’t have to figure everything out on your own.  The initial investment quickly pays for itself in funding that you find.  Ask for help. 

So yes, yes you should get a grant writing coach.

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