Finding organizations which are willing to fund your project is overwhelming!  Foundations have specific interests and may choose to limit their grant making to certain geographic areas. It is the applicant’s responsibility to identify foundations with interests that align with the applicant organization’s programs and services.  There are a few tricks to helping you narrow down your search.  

  1. Identify your search criteria
  2. Use the subject index of each directory to find your type of support
  3. Learn all you can about a prospective grantor
  4. Visit the prospective grantors websites
  5. Use the information to craft a proposal that “speaks” to each individual grantor

While this might not lessen the anxiety of finding funding prospects, it should ease the workload.  Once you know the area in which you are looking for funds, it is easier to find foundation which aligns with your needs.  Most importantly, don’t chase the money!  If the program you need funding for does not align with the potential grantor, do not change your program to fit the needs of the funder!  Have a little faith.  Through the weeding out process you will find your perfect match!

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