Writing a great proposal can be difficult. Making sure that you cover the basics of demographics, project goals, benefits and a myriad of other data while making sure your organization and its mission shines through and sets you apart from other applicants can be daunting. Here are a few tips to help you in your grant writing process.

Project Description:

  • Clear project goals
  • Clear project details, including the specific activities and timelines

Project Participants:

  • Clear description of who will benefit from the proposed project, including numbers of participants
  • Clear description of why the target population is in need of the proposed project or services

Project Impact:

  • Clear and realistic project goals
  • Clear description of how the project’s progress will be assessed, and what indicators will be used to determine impact
  • Clear description of how the project’s activities and impact may continue beyond the life of the grant

Project Budget:

  • Clear description of how the grant will be used, including clear calculations and relevant cost explanations

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