Outcomes are the bain of my existence! Not really, but some projects take a while for me to figure out measurable outcome statements. Here is a quick template you help you get to a solid outcome statement that helps you know what you are supposed to measure and by when.

Of the 20 students [base] who are sent to detention for fighting, 60% of them (12 students) [outcome measure] will learn a minimum of 3 [outcome measure] anger management strategies from pre-test to post-test [time of measurement].

I love this template because it helps me to clearly state the base, outcome measure, and the time of measurement.

It is so important to remember that outcome measurements must be:

  • Relevant – if you have a tutoring program, you do not want to measure rates of employment
  • Within your control – make sure you account for uncontrollable environmental factors
  • Realistic (“do-able with a stretch”) – RARELY EVER does 100% apply to anything in real life
  • Based on practice or research (it should never be just a shot in the dark) – past or current program either inside or outside of your organization, a review of the literature, etc.