One of the most important components of a funding proposal and one of the easiest to misunderstand. The terms goals and objectives are often used differently by organizations in different fields. Basically, the two terms refer to two different levels of changes (aka outcomes or impact) that will be achieved by the proposed project.  Over the next couple of posts we will discuss goals and objectives. 

Goal…and how to write it:

The goal is a broad, overarching purpose of the proposal, such as, “Our goal is to help women victimized by abuse recover their strength, stability, and self-esteem.” A goal is really about the final impact or outcome that you wish to bring about.   As you develop your program is essential that you keep your goals clearly in mind and stay focused on those goals as continue your planning process.

Goals are general non-measurable statements that describe the desired results of your program. When developing your goals be certain that you list them in order of priority or importance. Be certain that your goals address the intent of the fund source to which you are submitting an application.

Do not over-commit. Program goals should be high enough to produce some worthwhile benefits, but low enough to be manageable within the context of resources – available and projected.

The importance of setting realistic goals is not to be overestimated. The success of your program is ultimately judged on the attainment of the goals that you have established.